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Stay Safe at Work and Home – Podcast

Health and Wellness

Getting injured isn’t at the top of anyone’s to-do list. Today we’re going to talk to a couple experts about how to avoid injuries in the workplace and at home.

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In this Episode

  • CJ Anderson
  • Jon Schaffer, RN
  • Anne Murray, PT

Common injuries in the healtcare setting. Many have equivalents in other workplaces:

  • Lifting or moving patients
  • Using equipment incorrectly
  • Slips and falls

The shoes you wear the the surface you’re walking on affect your fall risk. Also the lighting and other environmental factors, like pets, cords for electronics, or clutter.

Cumulative trauma

  • Injuries that come from doing the same thing over and over
  • Even sitting counts as “doing something.” If you sit for more than five hours a day you’re at risk for a variety of injuries.
  • Looking at a computer screen can cause cumulative trauma on your eyes. Be sure to have them checked every two years.
  • It’s not uncommon to hear “sitting is the new smoking” in workplace health circles.

Minimize your risk

  • Build some rest breaks into your day.
  • Vary your tasks so that you’re not doing the same thing over and over.
  • Use break times to do the opposite of the activities you’re doing during work (if you sit for work spend your breaks standing up, if you stand, use your break to sit).
  • Find ways to change the way you do some of your usual work (Have a walking meeting. Spend your social time being active).
  • Strengthen your legs to prevent injuries to your back when lifting. Keep your legs ready for action by moving throughout the day.

Work smarter, not harder

  • Find ways to help yourself complete work or activities.
  • Utilize technology to make tasks easier on your body.

Set yourself up for success

  • Use common sense
  • Take your time
  • Beware on stairs
  • Create an environment with items that need to be lifted at levels that do not require you to reach up or squat down.

To prevent injury and improve your health there’s one simple solution: Find an exercise/fitness activity you like and do them on a regular basis. If you can’t decide start with walking. Make commitment and consistency your goals.


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