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Standing Safely – Podcast

Health and Wellness

Staying in shape seems to be all about getting up and moving around. So what happens if you spend most of the day on your feet, but aren’t actively exercising during that time. Today we’re talking to a local physical therapist who specializes in workplace wellness. We’ll talk the pros and cons of spending your workday standing up, and learn some ways to give your body the work and rest it needs.

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Anne Murray

Anne Murray, PT

In this Episode

  • CJ Anderson
  • Anne Murray, PT

The Good and Bad of Standing

In our last episode we talked about the risks associated with sitting too much. Standing is an obvious alternative to the back and neck problems associated with poor sitting posture. Standing can also be better for our circulation. But many of the same kinds of risks still pop up for people who spend long periods of time on their feet. Poor posture can lead to foot, knee and back problems, and if we’re standing but not moving around a lot it’s possible for fluids to collect in our legs and hurt our circulation.

In short, being on your feet doesn’t always mean being active or exercising.

Much like sitting, if we’re standing for long periods of time it’s important to take breaks and move our bodies in the opposite way. If you’re on your feet but standing still it’s important to use part of your break time to move around and get your circulation going.

Focus on Your Feet

If you spend long periods of time on your feet having good supportive shoes is critical. Find a pair that feels comfortable and supportive immediately. Don’t plan on “stretching out” or “wearing in” a pair of work shoes. If you have persistent issues you can explore custom or over the counter orthotic inserts for your shoes.

Movement and Relaxation

When you’re standing your muscles work to hold you up. This means they need some rest and stretching when you take breaks. Even something as simple as marching in place can help them contract and relax, while increasing your circulation. Spending hours on your feet, moving or not, doesn’t provide much of a workout for your upper body, so don’t forget to find ways to engage it during your break or exercise times.


Author: LivingWell PDX Blog

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