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Don’t Stress to Death – Podcast

Food and Fitness

Heather is a fitness fanatic. So when she hit the water for the swimming leg during a triathlon last summer a cardiac event was the furthest thing from her mind. But minutes later, when she was being pulled from the water and into an ambulance, she began to learn about how stress affects your health.

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In this Episode

It turns out Heather experienced a condition called Broken Heart Syndrome, a rush of adrenaline and stress caused one of the ventricles in her heart to balloon up. This condition is often brought on by life crisis’, such as a death of a loved one, divorce or the loss of a job. But Broken Heart Syndrome can also be triggered by positive forms of stress, in Heather’s case the excitement of competition and the rigorous training she had been doing.

Part of Heather’s recovery has been evaluating and prioritizing all aspects of her life. Instead of trying to do it all, she’s had to embrace delegating and taking opportunities to care for herself. Heather says this process has taught her to listen to her heart, and strive for balance over perfection.

How is your stress level? It’s something that’s almost impossible for others to see or measure. But it’s important to consider, because it can have major impacts on physical health. If you’re feeling stressed it’s nothing to be ashamed of. It’s an important component of whole-person health. If you’re having trouble finding that balance on your own talk to a friend or family member, or your doctor. Adventist Health Medical Group is proud to partner with IHC Associates to provide experts in our clinics who can help you navigate the stresses in your life. Don’t wait until a moment of crisis. Start working now to build and maintain a healthy body, mind and spirit.

Heather competes in a triathlon

Heather competes in a triathlon

Author: LivingWell PDX Blog

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