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Doctors Giving Back – Dr. Ulmer – Podcast


With more than 20 years of experiences with humanitarian work overseas, Dr. Todd Ulmer shares some of his favorite stories and lessons learned from helping others.

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Todd Ulmer, MDHosts

For more than 10 years Dr. Todd Ulmer has been caring for patients and performing orthopedic surgeries at Adventist Medical Center. His passion for helping people has taken Dr. Ulmer on humanitarian projects overseas nearly every year since he was in medical school. Answering the call for service, Dr. Ulmer has served in Africa and Central America. In this episode Dr. Ulmer talks about his passion for giving back and shares some memorable experiences and lessons he has learned through this work.

Dr. Ulmer says he was inspired to look for opportunities to serve others by the life of Dr. Albert Schweitzer.

On a typical trip Dr. Ulmer is involved with two types of work. The first is to care for the needs of people in the area. The other is to provide education and training for those providing medical care in the area on a day-to-day basis.

The needs in these areas are not just medical. Often the teams involved include volunteers who are helping with more than healthcare needs. Regardless of your profession or passion, there’s almost certainly a way to use it helping others.

If you’re interested in getting involved with humanitarian service Dr. Ulmer has this advice:

  • Find a group or organization that specializes in the kind of work you’d like to do. Use their expertize and connections to make things happen.
  • Be persistent. It can be surprisingly difficult to make your dreams of helping others a reality. There will be roadblocks and difficulties. But the reward of service outweighs the challenges you face along the way. You’ll get more than you give.

Author: LivingWell PDX Blog

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