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Health and Wellness

Not too late: How to get your garden growing

The cherry blossoms have bloomed in Portland’s Waterfront Park, and the Tulip Festival is underway…


Transform everyday chores into workout sessions

Five at-home exercises that burn calories while checking things off your to-do list. No time…

Health and Wellness

Sleep better in a peaceful environment

Download our Getting to Sleep Guide here.

Health and Wellness

Cross-train like an Olympian this winter

Four ways to cross-train like an Olympian this winter Staying motivated to exercise in the…


Beyond romance: 5 ways to practice daily loving-kindness

Beyond romance: Five ways to practice daily loving-kindness this Valentine’s Day & throughout the year…

Health and Wellness

What do you know about heart failure?

In this episode Chad Carr, MD, a cardiologist from Northwest Regional Heart and Vascular stops…

Food and Fitness

What is fatty liver disease?

More than half the population in the United States has some degree of fatty liver…

Healthy Mind

18 ideas for paying it forward in 2018 

We could all use a little more kindness and happiness in our lives, but did…

Health and Wellness

Do I need a lung cancer screening?

Of all cancers, lung cancer is one of the deadliest. It’s the cause of 1…

Health and Wellness

5 healthy lifestyle resolutions and how to make them stick

With the holiday season upon us, it’s time to start thinking about the changes we…

Food and Fitness

Cinnamon roasted walnuts recipe

Christmas is nearly here! Earlier we shared some healthy tips on keeping weight down over the…

Health and Wellness

Best of 2017

It’s that time of year—the time when Christmas feasting leads to New Year declarations do…

Food and Fitness

No pressure blood pressure solutions with Dr. David DeRose

In this episode physician and research specialist Dr. David DeRose joins us for a conversation…

Health and Wellness

Wintertime relief for chapped hands

Winter has hit Portland and your skin, especially on your hands, is probably feeling it. Your hands…

Food and Fitness

Maintain, don’t gain this holiday season

Christmas season is upon us! Thanksgiving has come and gone and the challenge now begins…

Food and Fitness

Burn the bulge with a turkey trot

The giant tree has arrived in Pioneer Courthouse Square. Hundreds of turkeys are filling the…


Flu shot myths debunked!

“I don’t want a flu shot because it can make me get the flu.” “Flu…

Aging Well

POLST ensures that patient preferences are honored

Emergencies happen every day, catching people off guard and often at the most inconvenient time.…

Health and Wellness

Oregon’s growing hepatitis C problem

By population size, Oregon has the highest rate of deaths caused by hepatitis C (HCV)…

Health and Wellness

Earthquakes, floods and wildfires: prepare now, before disaster strikes

With hurricanes devastating Texas and Florida, and forest fires burning much closer to home, natural…

Health and Wellness

Breast cancer treatment: Know your options

After the initial shock of a breast cancer diagnosis, often comes this question: How can…


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