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Flu shot myths debunked!

“I don’t want a flu shot because it can make me get the flu.” “Flu…

Aging Well

POLST ensures that patient preferences are honored

Emergencies happen every day, catching people off guard and often at the most inconvenient time.…

Health and Wellness

Oregon’s growing hepatitis C problem

By population size, Oregon has the highest rate of deaths caused by hepatitis C (HCV)…

Health and Wellness

Earthquakes, floods and wildfires: prepare now, before disaster strikes

With hurricanes devastating Texas and Florida, and forest fires burning much closer to home, natural…

Health and Wellness

Breast cancer treatment: Know your options

After the initial shock of a breast cancer diagnosis, often comes this question: How can…


What do you know about Afib?

Subscribe on iTunes In this Episode CJ Anderson Brian Moyers, MD Atrial Fibrillation (or AFib)…

Health and Wellness

Planning for after-school safety

What do your kids do after school? If your family is like millions of others…

Food and Fitness

Guts in a rut? There’s a bacteria for that!

Probiotics. It’s a word that gets thrown around a lot—and you may know a little…

Health and Wellness

Out on a limb: What Peripheral Arterial Disease Month means to you

September is Peripheral Arterial Disease Awareness Month—and far too many of us don’t realize how…

Healthy Mind

6 ways to help a friend who’s feeling suicidal

Trying to help a friend or loved one who is feeling suicidal can be confusing,…

Food and Fitness

Hours from help: How to handle medical emergencies in Oregon’s wilderness

One of the things that makes Portland special is its location. With easy access to…

Aging Well

Preventing memory loss: Tips for keeping your brain healthy

As we get older, it’s seems easier and easier to make jokes about little lapses…

Health and Wellness

Total eclipse of the car: Tips to survive gridlock

Just in the off chance you completely missed the news, a total eclipse of the…

Health and Wellness

Prepare for Safe Eclipse Viewing

Depending on your age, you probably have a fond memory or two of experiencing an…

Your Care

A Gift of Prayer

Our spiritual care volunteer program helps ensure that any patient who would like prayer is…

Your Care

The most important ER visit you’ll make

The pain is intense. You know you’re in trouble. Maybe you’re in an ambulance being…

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Aspire Orthopedic Institute Joint Pain Seminars

Our joint pain classes help you understand your treatment options. Our team of physical therapists,…

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Adventist Health Urgent Care Parkrose

Our urgent care clinic, located in the Parkrose neighborhood, stands ready to meet your urgent…

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Colorectal Cancer Screening

Colorectal cancer is the 2nd leading cause of cancer death in Oregon. However, with screening…


Calling all cauliflower connoisseurs

Bid farewell to brussels sprouts. Cauliflower is 2017’s “it” vegetable. That’s according to a recent…

Food and Fitness

More than marathons

Vicki Classen, telephone operator at Adventist Health Portland, is closing in on her 100th marathon.…


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